Welcome to OverKart64

A modding community for racing in custom Mario Kart 64 tracks.

Custom Courses for Mario Kart 64 are created with the Tarmac Toolkit. Armed with this toolkit and the youtube video tutorials, you can make your own tracks too!

Download Tarmac

All Custom Courses submitted must be free of any illegal or adult content. All Custom Levels are manually reviewed prior to being added to the site.

All Time Trial records submitted must be completed in "Time Trial" mode, which can be activated on the main menu screen. All Time Trial Submissions must be recorded live, showing the entire race from start to finish. Ghost Replays are not allowed. All Time Trial records will be manually verified before being added to the site.

By submitting a Custom Level or Time Trial record to the site, you agree that you own all the work contained within and agree to allow the OverKart64 Team to distribute and showcase your work, without compensation, through any of our Official Social Media channels, including but not limited to Youtube and Discord.